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saywhatjenn asked: Daryl’s Crossbow or Daryl’s Angel Wing Vest?

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television: favorite shows
Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.
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if you’re ever having a hard time just remember if you get through today you’ll be one day closer to season 3 of orphan black

Aug 27 2014

orphan black ladies + tank tops appreciation post

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"The way people love sci-fi is how I love cartoons."

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Chris Evans on Captain America’s fighting style in The Winter Soldier (x)

In between the first Captain America movie and The Avengers, I had played the Captain America video game; and the way Cap moves in the video game, there’s a fluidity and it’s very acrobatic. It’s very aerial. He uses his environment, and it’s almost this beautiful, smooth dance, and when I first met with the [directors], I said, “Have you played the video game?” And I swear to God, they said: “You know what? We referenced the video game, too.” I said, “Good, good, we’re on the same page. But that means we need to incorporate a little bit more of an acrobatic approach to fighting.” And so we put myself in gymnastic classes, which is something I always wanted to do – kind of, anyway [laughs]. I mean, I wanted to go play on like, the balance beam, but it was more like tumbling, essentially. Parkour-style gymnastic stuff. Flipping, and spinning, and just kind of getting a sense of your body in the air. So we did about two months of that. We did two months, a few hours each day, and it was invaluable. It really lends itself to a lot of those fight scenes.

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Welcome to: the Clint Barton Appreciation Club!

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orphan black is a show about…

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Orphan Nine-Nine [insp]
(…and Tatiana Maslany) 

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